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JTLite-LC08 Grand MA2 dmx Lighting Controller

Item No.: LC08
Channel: 512CH x 6
1. Certification: Passed CE/ RoHS
2. Life Time: 50000 hours, 2 year warranty
3. Material: Plastic, Aluminum, IP20
4. Delivery time: 3-15days
5. Shipment: By DHL/ Air/ Sea
6. Payment: L/C, T/T, PayPal, WU
• Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 120G SSD.
• Smooth running of MA3D software and Wysiwyg3D software advanced rendering
• 2 19-inch electric lift widescreen touch screen display.
• Input voltage: 110V~220V 50~60Hz, built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply
• 6 DMX-512 output ports, 1 DMX-512 input port (compound type);
One LTC time code input interface, one MIDI time code input interface.
1 master dimming wheel, 4 attribute tables, 1 master push rod, 2 AB push rods
21 program playback sliders, 42 program memory function keys
4 USB ports, 1 audio port, 1 network port, 2 working lamp ports

Command Wing Parameters:
• MA ON/PC, same operation as MA2
• 2 DMX signal output ports, 1 channel signal input port (compound type)
• MIDI time code function.
• Programming backup is fully compatible with GrandMA 2 system
• 1 master dimming wheel, 4 property wheels, 1 master fader, 2 AB faders, 6 program playback faders, and 12 program memory function keys.
Input voltage: 110V~220V 50~60Hz

Fada Wing Parameters
• 4 DMX signal output ports,
• 15 independent program putters,
• Can be used as a GrandMA 2 extension putter
Input voltage: 110V~220V 50~60Hz

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