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JTLite-P6 Outdoor LED Video Screen

Item No.: P6 - Outdoor
P6 LED video screen
1.Pixel pitch: 6mm
2.Physical density: 27777 points/m2
3.Module Size:160mm x 160mm
Description Installation Illustration
P6 Outdoor LED Video Screen
Explain Technical parameters
Pixel tube unit box Physical point spacing6mm
Physical density27777 points/m2 
Glow point color1R1G1B
Basic color: pure red + pure green + pure blue
Luminous spot specificationsSMD3535
Physical module: 32 points wide × 32 points high
Display screen Best sight distance:10150m
The best viewing angle: horizontal 140 degrees, vertical 110 degrees
Ambient temperature: storage -40℃~ +85
Operating temperature: -20℃~ +50
Relative humidity:9095%
Screen thickness:275px
Screen weight: about 50KG/m2
Power Supply Operating Voltage:220V±5
Average power consumption:350W/m2
Maximum power consumption:1200W/m2  
Control System Control host: p4-80G/512m or more configuration
operating system:WIN 98/ 2000/ NT/XP
Control method: Synchronized control (Lingxingyu)
Video card: DVI graphics card
Media Card: PCTV Card
The main technical parameters 1Driver IC: Adopt LED driver
2Scanning method: 1/8 scan
3Change frame frequency: 60 frames/s
4Refresh rate: 2000 frames/s
5Gray/Color: 256 levels, can display 16.7M color
6White balance brightness:6500cd/m2
7Brightness adjustment method: software adjustment 100 adjustable
8Video signal:PAL/NTSC
9Video input/output method: eight input/eight output
10Control system uses: non-linear editing card + DVI graphics card + control card + fiber transmission (optional)
11Average time between failures: 10,000 hours
12Lifetime: 100,000 hours
13Flatness: 0.5mm between any adjacent pixels; module splicing gap <1mm;
14Uniformity: pixel intensity, uniform module brightness
15Power switch: automatic switch
16Switching power supply load:5V/40A  
17Computer display mode800×600;1024×768
18) Network cable transmission distance is 100 meters;
Multimode fiber transmission distance up to 500 meters;
Single mode fiber transmission distance up to 20 kilometers.
Soft Ware LED Universal Playback Software (LINSN)
outdoor led video wall installation illustration

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