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JTLite-B18 Beam Spot Wash 3 in 1 350w 17R Moving Head Light Introduction

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Update time : 2018-05-18 15:37:13
JTLite-B18 350w 17R is a Newly released product which has powerful functions among the moving head light

the Advantages are:
1, Fast Moving: all the X and Y motor are 3 phase stepping motors, which make sure that the movement is fast and steady.
2, High Brightness: 350w 17R original Osram Lamp make sure that the life span can reach 2000 hours or more.
3, Ventilation system, all the fans are roller fans, ensuring that the inner temperature of the body is not high, and roller fans make sure that the life span of lights is longer than that of normal fans.
4, Lens: all the lens are fully coated by our supplier, high transmittance glass lens with fully coated layers. giving amazing effect.
5, Rotative gobos: rotative gobos can be OEM into the logo as client's requirement.
6, 350w 17R Prism: 16 faces prism, and 6 faces prism which make sure that the effect is amazing.
7, 350w 17R Zooming system: from 4.5 degrees to 45 degrees. which can display very big logo.
8, Power Source with PFC, which makes sure that even in the high ambient temperature environment.The light can run without powered off, ( some products may stop working just because too hot environment, caused slow ventilation).
9, Not too heavy of its weight: total product weight only 17kgs, which is perfect for one man handling when it needs to get installed or get removed.
10, All the cover materials are flame retardant material, so, user do not need to worry about dangrous situations.